You Should Practice Self-Love on Business Trips and Here’s Why

It’s not every day that you send an email to all the strong women you know asking, “Do you masturbate when you travel for business?”

But that’s what I did.

Although several friends readily shared info on the bulky vibrators they use in the privacy and safety of their homes, I heard crickets when it came to details on  “self care” while traveling.

“I wouldn’t take my vibrator with me,” one  replied.

“Tell me what to use! I never think about this when I’m on business trips,” pleaded another.

While recent studies have shown as many as 92% of adult women are regularly self pleasuring, my research revealed that this practice falls off dramatically on the road.  Why is that? My belief is that mixing  business travel with such pleasures not only is desirable, but essential.

On trips, we’re in new cities, strange hotel rooms and often more stressed than usual. Studies have shown that a healthy self-love session can boost your immune system, warding off post-flight germs and colds.  It also has been reported that women who climax more are less susceptible to heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Masturbation also can help reduce aches, pains and cramping, the kind that occurs from contorting yourself into a too-small seat. Why, it’s practically doctor’s orders!  

Not only is it exciting to experience the sensations of a new place, like your hotel room, bringing yourself to climax can relax the body, ensuring a sounder night’s sleep and even bringing on deep sleep more quickly. Feeling stressed about a presentation or meeting? Masturbation is a known stress reducer, releasing feel-good hormones into the body.  

Now that we’ve settled that, a few words on tools of the trade. Most women who were asked expressed concerns about traveling with toys. “My magic wand doesn’t fit in my carry-on bag,” a friend said. “I’m afraid my vibrator will switch on in security,” confessed another. Here’s the response: There are travel-sized cosmetics and toiletries, right? Why not consider a small travel vibrator?.

Some tips: For sanitary and security issues, pack your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. If it starts vibrating when you don’t want it to (a horrendous but realistic possibility) airport security can see it much easier. But you’ll have to fess up and immediately declare (in as confident a voice as possible!),  “That’s my vibrator.” Otherwise, it’s going to be a very long luggage search.

For international travel make sure you can legally bring a vibrator with you. The United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia and several other countries are a no-go for good vibrations.  Check before you pack your toy.

Also, size matters. In this case, smaller is better.  We’ve come a long way from the huge, garish pink rabbit vibrator you might remember from “Sex and the City.” There are some discreet, aesthetically-pleasing alternatives on the market nowadays.

Crave’s flagship product, the Vesper, is designed to be worn as a necklace when not in use, if one is so inclined. Practically, you can keep an eye on it when venturing through security.All  Crave’s products are USB-chargeable; no batteries or charging cord required. Friends also recommended Lelo’s suite of toys for travel. Most of the products look nothing like a classic vibrator.

Travel lubricant? Or misting spray?

One of my frequent business traveling friends said she would be remiss if she didn’t mention Good Vibrations because she stumbled on their flagship store in San Francisco – while on business travel!  They were one of the first sensual pleasure stores geared toward women and an early trailblazer for encouraging us to understand our own bodies.  They sell a nifty travel lubricant that can double as massage oil and hair defrizzer!

There. You have no excuse. Compared to binge-eating, drinking from the minibar and who-knows-what-else, there are far worse things you can do on the road.

Journey On, Janes!

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  • Love this! I feel like we all need to be doing this more and enjoying the alone time that work travel kind of forces on you.


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