I’ll Wear That Wrinkle-Free Travel Dress… in Hell.

I get the catalogs.  I get like 20 different catalogs, all reputable, from spendy female brands.  I place the occasional order.  I can honestly say that if you’re selling a wrinkle-free travel dress, I will buy it.  I will buy it in black or gray and tell myself I can jazz it up with a scarf or funky heels or blazer.  I want to believe you that I can roll it into a ball, leave it overnight, and then shake it out in the morning and wear it to my board meeting.  I want to believe you that it’s unique magical poly cotton rayon lycra goretex blend will be soft and comfy and not itchy on my 15 hour flight to Shanghai.  I want to believe you that it’s warm in winter and cool in summer, oh and that it breathes.  That it flatters every silhouette and can go from beach to boardroom.  That I can handwash it in my hotel in Sheboygan and it won’t pill by the time I get to my lunch meeting in Santa Monica.  

And so I buy it.

I buy them. I have 12.  Why haven’t I learned my lesson?  I keep false hope that I will eventually find one that does HALF of what the ads claim.  But my gift to you, traveling Jane, is to be frank and save you time and money and disappointment and snags and pilling and issues with hems and sheer and pleats and wrinkles.


You’re welcome.

Journey On, Janes. 

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Ellen is the CEO and co-head writer for Go Jane Go. She has traveled for business for over 25 years, lived and worked abroad, and speaks German. And all she knows for sure is that she never liked working for someone else – so that’s part of why her sister Kate and she started Go Jane Go – so she could work for herself and make business travel better for legions of women like her.
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