10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Female Business Traveler

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that Executive Platinum lady in your life who travels for business every week, look no further!  We have Jane Verified gifts, ranging from romantic to practical, which your traveling Valentine is sure to appreciate.


Compression Socks – We know, these sound more like a gift for your 80 year old granny, but medical beige compression garments are a thing of the past!  We love Crazy Compression for their funky colors and patterns, plus they are Made in the USA and have a special Valentine’s Day collection!  These dual-purpose socks are life-savers on any flight more than 30 minutes, and for the lady that both runs and flies!


Leather Bound Notebook – These small notebooks are light, small enough to fit in almost any purse or carryon and can be customized with her monogram.  We love ours best, but this Jane Verified Etsy artisan creates high quality vegan leather notebooks in bright unique colors for less than $25.


Birchbox Subscription – Not only is this Jane Verified, this subscription service has been a Jane life-saver!  If your FBT hates to check a bag, loves high-end skin and haircare products and likes to try new things, then this is the one.  Subscriptions run three, six, or twelve months.  Or, sign up for a $10 monthly no-commitment required.  She gets to customize her box to fit her skin and hair needs and you get to be a hero.

Travel Frame – Leaving our loved ones is the hardest part of being a FBT, but packing family pictures helps ease the angst.  A lightweights frame can be added to any carry-on, unpacked to make her hotel room feel a little homier.  This Jane Verified Leather Travel frame from Leatherology is a picture-perfect gift.  At only $35, get one for her fur-babies, too!


Travel Purse/Laptop Bag – Most laptop bags are ugly.  This is an unfortunate fact of business travel.  Tumi has one of the better choices, durable and stylish, but our Jane Verified Mark and Graham Telluride Bag is much sexier.  Like the Tumi bag it can be monogrammed, and the unique calf-hair style makes this a statement piece for those of us looking for a little spice. It holds a laptop, charger, notebook, and wallet with room for a pair of flats.  It’s a bit pricey, but this sturdy, well-crafted bag is worth it.


Aromatherapy – This is an underappreciated and simple product that can quickly alleviate stress, headaches, tension, anxiety or even nasal congestion, all things the Female Business Traveler deals with daily.  Oils and sprays are difficult to transport due to TSA regulations, but the Jane Verified AuraCacia Aromatherapy Shower Tabs pack in any purse or carry-on and can transform that Motel 6 shower into a European Sauna in seconds.  Scents include calming Lavender and invigorating Peppermint, and costs less than $10.

Funny Luggage Tags – For the rare occasion when your lady traveler needs to check a bag, she will need something to tell her black Samsonite from the others.  We love everything Anne Taintor, but her amusing luggage tags have been a favorite Jane Verified gift for years.  At $11, you can afford to buy a few!

Kindle Voyage – This lightweight E-Reader is ideal for the FBT who loves to read but can’t pack her heavy books.  Anything from the NY Times to the Handmaid’s Tale can be downloaded.  Battery life lasts for weeks, so no need to pack an extra charger.  Protective covers in every color and pattern to fit her personality.  Really want to make her day?  Add a Kindle Unlimited Membership.

Scarf Blanket – Is it a scarf?  Is it a blanket?  YES!  Airline temperatures range from -50 to 12 degrees so having something to keep warm in-flight that can also double as a stylish wrap for the boardroom is a must.  Cashmere is always appreciated like this classic piece from Garnet Hill – but if you want style on a budget, this Jane Verified Etsy Artisan will monogram a beautifully soft wrap for your Valentine.


Purse Puppy –  Business travel life is lonely, but many hotels are now pet friendly.  We don’t want to support one breed over another, but in our experience, the Boston Terrier is a great travel companion and many are available for adoption.  These pint-sized pups love to snuggle, rarely bark and need nothing more than a soft place to sleep.


Journey On, Janes!

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