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Good Eats: How to Stay Healthy on Business Travel

When we’re comfortably settled in our home routines, our meals are usually planned out, prepped and cooked in the way that we like them. Maybe we’re bravely getting through a Whole 30 phase, or maybe we just routinely stick to whole grains, lean protein and lots of fresh veggies (with an order of takeout once […]


Let Travel Be Travel

One of my least favorite things is  sitting in a cramped airplane seat with the dude in front of me reclined to the max, the woman behind me kicking like it’s a horse she wants to giddyup (why?), and the guy next to me, legs wide like he is riding a horse, manspreading into my […]


Best On-the-Road Spas

Here’s the thing: Spas — good ones — are usually destinations in themselves. You get on a plane and the spa is where you end up. Not a business meeting or a stuffy hotel room with bad wifi. The goal of this article will be to point you in the right direction in terms of […]


Business Travel Haircuts Don’t Have to be Scary

There’s trusting an unknown pizza shop in a foreign city…and then there’s trusting a total stranger to cut and style your hair while you’re in between appointments. It’s hard to climb in that salon chair, with no idea how you’ll look when you leave. Some female business travelers are horrified at the idea of taking […]


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