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Layovers are Boring. Not for Go Jane Go!

Layovers are boring.  Not anymore. Ever found yourself at the boarding gate, unable to work anymore, and watching your flight delay go from 30 mins to 3 hours?  Layovers, regardless of circumstance, can be brutal.  What if we had some fun in the time stretching before us?  Here are a few ideas from Go Jane […]


Good Eats: How to Stay Healthy on Business Travel

When we’re comfortably settled in our home routines, our meals are usually planned out, prepped and cooked in the way that we like them. Maybe we’re bravely getting through a Whole 30 phase, or maybe we just routinely stick to whole grains, lean protein and lots of fresh veggies (with an order of takeout once […]



Know what you do when you’re a woman at your gate about to board a flight and you realize you didn’t pack underwear?   You don’t do ANYTHING.  Because you can’t buy women’s underwear in most airports. But, sure. we have Brooks Brothers, where men can grab a new tie or golf shirt for all […]


Shoe Unicorns Do Exist

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I love shoes, especially heels. The higher, the better.   Like the travel dress problem, I know that finding the perfect pair of shoes may just be a daydream. Especially now that most of my days involve running for flights, making heels are both impractical and painful. They take up way more space in my […]


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