Why Overhead Bag Storage is a Women’s Issue

I work out.  And when I say I work out, I mean I do some combo of weight training and cardio several times a year.  I am no She-Ra #saturdaymorningcartoons.  That being said however, I am pretty bendy, I’m healthy and despite my 1980’s cartoon references, I’m relatively young.

Yet my ability to load my carry-on into the overhead compartment without grunting, pinching a nerve or losing my pants (true story – it was a bad day) eludes me.

What is it about the narrow aisle and the distance from floor to ceiling that eliminates all sense of grace and capability? I’ve seen finely dressed women in 3-inch heels fall to their knees attempting to muscle up their suitcases, I’ve seen passengers give the little old lady a dirty look as she tries to get her bag into the compartment and inadvertently drops it on the head of an unsuspecting spectator, and sometimes I’ve seen gentlemen emerge, put their uncertainty aside and offer to help a gal such as myself.  I may not always take it, but it is always appreciated.  I’ve also been lucky enough to have other gals step up, and with knowing smirks on their faces, offer to tackle the challenge together.  We are all in this together, and to those of you out there strong enough to get your overstuffed bag into that narrow compartment I salute you.  For the rest of us, let’s keep an eye out for each other. Also, don’t wear 3-in heels on a plane, it throws off your balance. #lifelessons

Journey On, Janes!

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