If there is any indicator that women are the stronger sex, I’d like to present exhibit A:

the common cold.

Last week was hell, I am unabashed to admit.  I had to get kids to school and dance, myself to the office, to countless meetings, an investor lunch, a class, and two overnights to customers. And I did it all with a cold.  I don’t know what kind of million-germ-march is going on in the microbial world but they converged on my sinuses and lungs for six whole days.  Worst cold I have had, ever.  My able husband was great – helped with mornings and bedtime and picked up a pizza.   I took a few Advil but knew anything else would knock me out and I CANNOT AFFORD THAT.

This morning, husband finally succumbed.

9eb739a602d645609542e79b83ce7890And he did it in that way I cannot fathom.  After explaining how long the night was and how many tissues he used, he fell asleep.  On the floor.  While I and my two young children screamed through our morning routine.  And then he disappeared into the bedroom and under the covers without a word.  Ah – to be able to detach so carelessly.  To know all will be well if you completely drop out of the day.  I absolutely CANNOT imagine that.  And now I’m at work, kids are fed, dressed, and at school, and he is probably still buried under those covers. And he will probably get better a lot faster than I did.man cold

How does this happen?  Can someone shed some light on why dudes become the worst versions of themselves when they get sick?  This is not some exaggeration; every woman I talked to today about this post agreed.  Hell, even my 5-year-old son acts like this when he is sick, while his 3-year old sister runs circles around him if she has the same illness.

Should women be proud of our ability to push through?  Or is it really a cry for help.  Opinions wanted and welcome.

Journey On, Janes.

Post-publication footnote: apparently evidence DOES exist our immune systems ARE stronger!!  Among many other things.  Boom.

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