A Rational Woman’s Guide to Exercise on the Road

If you’re a frequent business traveler, then maybe like me you pack your gym shoes and use them one out of every five attempts.  So instead of offering you boring platitudes, we offer you here a real life approach to exercise on the road; wins, losses, and draws.

#1 Find Your Ideal Fitness Experience (even if fitness means walking from your hotel to the bar)

Yes there are dozens of fitness places you could pop in on; Orange Theory, CrossFit, a local YMCA.  Most have memberships that allow you to workout if you’re just visiting.  However, you ARE on a business trip, and for some of us this is the only ME time we get.  If “health” means binge-watching Netflix, then maybe just moderate on the room service you order in.  Salad instead of wings.  Turkey burger no bun instead of hamburger. Or in our case, a martini instead of a beer.  Finding a fitness technique that you enjoy and that works for you is the first step in working fitness into your travel plans.

#2 Determine How Much Time You Can Spend Exercising (and then get real)

For me, the possibility of exercise rests in two places.  One: that moment when I first open my hotel room door and assess how much time I really want to spend there.  If it’s swank, it’s likely my exercise will be exercising all my options for room service.  If not, then I decide to go for a walk or run around the city or hit the hotel gym.  Two:  In the morning I will set my alarm early to

If this was an actual ad for Orange Theory, we’d sign up.

work out and then when it goes off I will think about all the effing networking and small talk I have to do that day (lookin’ at you again, CES 2018) and I will hit snooze, because networking can be a contact sport and I’m Olympic class.   Whatever the case, if you want to make time for exercise while away on business, it is imperative to determine your time frame before leaving.

#3 Plan Ahead(because what else could you possibly be thinking about)

Hahahahah, right. Find an Orange Theory, CrossFit Box, or YMCA as mentioned above Call or Google the hotel you’re staying in – there are usually running groups in every neighborhood and most enjoy stragglers like us.  Check out The Points Guy for maps of different runs in that area and meetups to find other runners to run with.

#4 A Last Resource (but probably the most likely)

If you are low on time and staying in a hotel without a gym, consider going online for a fitness class.  We like Ballet Beautiful which lets you stream workouts that are based on ballet strengthening techniques. It can be done in a small space, and you’ll have gotten some movement in while still adhering to the time and spatial constraints. Same with Asana Fitness for folks who want to get sweaty doing yoga, and 12 Min Athlete where body weight workouts are specifically made for hotel rooms.

People tell me “there is always a way to find time for a workout!” (if only in my mind). 20 minutes might not feel like enough, but any amount of exercise is a good amount. This road warrior leaves a lot of room for forgiveness.

Journey On, Janes!

Got some good workout ideas for a true road warrior?  Share them at stories@gojanegoapp.com!

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