Monday morning request.

Dear fellas in the emergency exit row, 

What a fun, handsome bunch you are.  Probably college buddies – how cool you’re traveling together.  I remember those days!

Ok – the flight attendant is talking to you and you are not listening.  In the event of an emergency are you really going to help open the door and get us all safely out?  Did you read the card or are you just saying you did… be honest.

I know you’re hungover and everything seems cool and funny right now but if you are not going to take this seriously then please give your leg room to someone who is.

(warning – i am about to go dark)

Cuz if you eff up this one simple task I’m headed to @PassengerShaming and you will NEVER recover.  Provided we survive the crash.

Journey on, Janes

Ellen is the CEO and co-head writer for Go Jane Go. She has traveled for business for over 25 years, lived and worked abroad, and speaks German. And all she knows for sure is that she never liked working for someone else – so that’s part of why her sister Kate and she started Go Jane Go – so she could work for herself and make business travel better for legions of women like her.
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