Top Tips for Managing the Routine of Business Travel

“The less of routine, the more of life.”

—Amos Bronson Alcott

Poppycock!  Pshaw!, perhaps. At Go Jane Go, we know that most road warriors will likely balk at this maxim. If we lack a routine, we can’t be efficient, and isn’t efficiency pretty much everything when it concerns business travel?


Don’t be this guy.

Waking up early to get to the airport or rental car office during much of our professional lives, we need the orderliness of packing without forgetting a potential necessity (God forbid to be seen seen buying a phone charger from an airport vending machine!).  We all have systems for getting through the airport (a là George Clooney in Up in the Air) without hating everyone and everything.




We talked to a diverse, opinionated group of fellow female business travelers (FBTs).  They are CEOs and professors, an international art curator, a bank executive, a  Division I college volleyball coach, an X-Ray tech, a leadership guru, and a professional meeting planner. Half are mothers, one-third women of color and a quarter international travelers.  All have different reasons to travel but the fundamental need to organize is shared by all, from packing to unpacking and everything in-between.


Many confessed that although they might aim to exercise while away from home, it often doesn’t happen. Don’t guilt yourself [any more than you do already, but that’s another article for another day] and only pack sneakers if you’re positive you’ll have time to hit the gym or go for a run. Really.

No need!

No one will notice and your bag will be lighter.

But there are must-have products, like packing cubes, clothes steamers, earplugs, probiotics, and a good sweater.   One FBT  said she always brings a small container of Dr. Bonner’s Soap because it works for almost all beauty/cosmetic needs in case you run out of anything.

Many cited packing cubes as a key to organization, and Flight001 has great ones. Pre and pro-biotics for digestive health, including bloating, were mentioned. Long compression socks, said one, kept her feet from swelling on a flight, and a cashmere wrap (expensive but worth it)  warded off the cold.

Another tip: Keep your toiletries, iPad and umbrella in an outside suitcase pocket for easy access.

If you like to bring your own laundry bag, Talbot’s, and  The Container Store have nice ones.. If you’re not picky, the bags in the hotel closet will do just fine. An FBT expressed her “ love” for the Monster MP OTG400 BK Outlets To Go Power Strip – 4 AC Outlets that eliminated  any potential outlet issues.

To solve the quandary of comfort vs. looking “neat” —  a tall order for any flight more than three hours — Old Navy pixie pants was recommended. They come in several colors and patterns, and, better yet, they stretch.

Alexander McQueen? For. Life.

Then we have the sacred carry-on. So many choices. Among the favorite companies noted were ABLE totes, Lojel, Longchamp and Knomo. One FBT said she will own a  leather tote from Alexander McQueen “for the rest of my life.” Also cited a lightweight  Sherpani backpack, and an “office on wheels.”

Our interviewees generally brought their own water and snacks. Fruit is portable and healthy, and doesn’t need to be recycled.  Many swear by Trader Joe’s trail mix packs.

Ziploc bags have never gone out of style.

You can jam all kinds of things in them for your carry-on — travel toothbrush and paste, small tubes of face cleanser and moisturizer, vitamins and meds, even a headband for face washing. And more.

Journey On, Janes.

Got any other any other organizational tips and tricks?  Share them in the comments section or send as an email to:

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  • You’re good!! I didn’t even mind reading this!! You made it a little funny and pretty informative. (Not for me. I knew it all!!) That’s Poppycock!! Can’t wait to see the kids!! They grow up so fast!! Also will enjoy seeing you and David. 🌴❤️🌞🌞🌞👋🏻Hugs, Aunt Judy


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