Why Do Airport Bathroom Stalls Still Open In?

Dear Designers of Ladies Airport Bathrooms:

More often than not, as I run into your structure, it’s with little time and even less patience. I want to get in and out and on my way to the next gate or to my car. What I’ve learned over the many months and years of traveling is that you’ve designed the stalls to be vice-like in their ability to somehow trap me inside after my business is complete. 9 out of 10 are designed with the doors opening IN – making my struggle to navigate my suitcase, purse and occasional latte into the stall, and then subsequently out of the stall, a spectacle for all to see and adding precious minutes to my tight layover. The lives of many a hot latte have ended on floors in these stalls, my purse has landed in soiled toilets and occasionally the wheels of my roller-board have splashed thru overspray from the previous tenant. Happily, I have occasionally stumbled through a few visonarily (not a word) designed stalls. Pittsburgh International, Midway, and BWI are three. There are more out there, but there are far more that plague us than assist us.

This is a problem unique to us ladies, so the solution is up to us.

Therefore I’m posing this request: with more and more women traveling for work, we ask that all present and future designs rival the Nordstrom Women’s Lounge, not the Port Authority terminal at 1am. While we don’t need scented candles and slimming mirrors, we DO need deep stalls and soap dispensers that work. We need doors that open OUT and that do not have a 3 inch gap allowing curious eyes to gaze at our squat. We need cup holders for our lattes and shelves on which we can place our shoulder bags, we need to avoid that questionable liquid on the floor (urine or dropped water bottle?) Are we asking for better than what the men have? Yes. Why?

Because boys are gross, and they don’t care. Can I get an Amen?

Journey On, Janes.

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