Why Every Introvert Needs a Good Extrovert

I’ve never been good at entertaining groups of people I don’t know.

I’ve learned that entertaining stems from the ability to hold court, to tell a good story and get a group comfortable and laughing. As my sister often points out, my ability to tell a story is hilariously awful. I talk too fast, add too many unimportant details and botch punch lines. Because I travel solo more often than not, this kind of court holding is entirely up to me, and it usually involves me and 5 dudes. Most nights I ply them with expensive wine and leave them at the elevators, as they head out into the night together, relieved I stayed behind.

Thankfully, this time I have my wingwoman with me.

She is smart, a ball-buster, and does not have an indoor voice or a mute button. She is the ying to my yang and although these guys are my customers, she works with me on their business, so we are their team. I get to the bar and I can hear her even before I see her, she is surrounded by 6 guys, all laughing at her story and I immediately relax.

Tonight I can enjoy my 2.5 Tito’s dirty martini’s, while I watch her hold court and then politely decline their offer at 11:30 to check out the new club in the Meat Packing District. I can be in bed and mildly buzzed by midnight, knowing she’s going to go shot for shot with them, and she’ll still make the morning bell. I admire her for this, and there was a time I wished I had that skill. But, I love bed more than I love tequila, so tonight as I kick off my heels and get into my sweats before midnight I say a little prayer of thanks for her.

Journey on, Janes.

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