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Some things only happen when you’re on the road. We are still amazed every day at all the trouble, good and bad, we find ourselves in when we’re in transit. These are the experiences that bind us as a connected and powerful demographic – the FBT (female business traveler). Share your (mis)adventures here at

Constipation Diaries

Anne Stetler works as a neuroscientist. Like many Janes on the go, Anne can’t. Go, that is.  A chronic constipated traveler, Anne actually felt relieved when she contracted food poisoning on a trip to Syria because it meant she could clear out her colon. While the subject is, shall we say, somewhat indelicate, it is […]


How Working With All Men Saved Me From Embarrassment

Do you know the children’s book “Everybody Poops” by Taro Gome?  It’s really popular and kids crack up when they hear the title.  Well, here’s my contribution to the fun — I have poo issues when I travel. Go ahead, laugh.  But if you’re a female business traveler like me, I know you’ve been there. […]


5 Reasons Why Women Aren’t Applying to Speak at Your Conference

I’ve lately seen some men tweeting about the lack of women applying to speak at their conferences. Questions along the lines of “Where are they? Why are they not applying?” Perhaps one reason is the relatively few number of women out there in the tech world. But I think there are others. Austin*? In August? […]


Bed Bugs on Business Travel, Gross.

It took me far too long to realize I had bed bugs. I grew up camping and playing in what Laura Ingalls Wilder called the Big Northwoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  I spent months covered in red, swollen mosquito bites.  So when I woke up itching in a hotel bed while attending a conference a […]


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