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Sticking to a routine is damn near impossible when you’re on the road. Maintaining healthy exercise and diet habits and even reasonable mental health can be a challenge. Here are a few stories to remind us we should get points for trying, even though the deck is often stacked against us. Have a story or suggestion to share? Email us at

How to Keep Your Faith on Business Travel

A Catholic and a Muslim walk into a restaurant. No, this isn’t the start of a lousy joke. It’s a real-life situation my cousin, Lucy, encountered on a business trip. Once upon a time, it might have presented a challenge. Not now. Lucy was the Catholic in the scenario. There also was a Muslim woman. […]


5 Ways to Stay Fit on Business Travel

Fitness trends have come a long way since Jane Fonda and the step aerobics craze of the ‘80s. In a way, however, certain aspects of age-old fitness techniques are returning to center stage, due to continued research on optimal fitness levels, nutrition, and health/sports medicine. In this article, we will explore the top fitness trends […]


How Stress Impacts the Mind-Skin Connection

Stress that produces negative feelings is not necessarily a topic that most want to discuss, and while it’s not necessarily easy to process, stress does have a purpose. Without it, we would never know when we’re spinning out of control, upset or frustrated. Stress is a direct indicator to our brains that we are taking […]


The Best Tips for Traveling While Vegan

Eating well away from home can be a challenge.  But it’s so much harder when you’re a vegan. The good news is that technology and increased awareness have made it somewhat easier. Courtney Weikle-Mills, a Pitt literature professor and a vegan, said, “The struggle now is to find something interesting versus not being able to […]


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