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Sticking to a routine is damn near impossible when you’re on the road. Maintaining healthy exercise and diet habits and even reasonable mental health can be a challenge. Here are a few stories to remind us we should get points for trying, even though the deck is often stacked against us. Have a story or suggestion to share? Email us at

This Meal Journal Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

When we travel for business, we always start the week with the best intentions when it comes to how we feed ourselves.  By the end of the week, we’re lucky if we make it home without cleaning the Hudson News out of Sour Patch Kids. Day One   Promises to myself: I will triumph. I […]


Do You Suffer from the Effects of Internalized Sexism?

On this International Day of Women, we ask ourselves and our readers; Do you think of yourself as a cheerleader or champion of other women? As an enlightened, 21st century woman, surely your answer is “Duh, of course I am!” A quick quiz:  Have you ever witnessed a female friend saying or doing something bold, […]


The Best Meditation Apps to Find Your Zen

Everyone knows that in this chaotic world of seemingly constant communication — whether direct, via social media, television, computer, or iPad — it’s well-nigh impossible to stay grounded, calm and peaceful. Think about the rapid growth rate of all-inclusive day spas, the introduction of sensory deprivation tank studios, the unending appearance of yoga studios on every block […]


How to Make Time for Your Family as a Frequent Flier

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Who said that? I mean, we all could use some space from our spouse and our kids for a bit, just to give us time to miss them. Rejuvenate, recharge, re-energize. But when it’s taken to a certain level, absence only seems to cause distance (and we […]


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