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If you have ever started a conversation with, “You will NEVER believe what happened to me in …” then keep reading. These are stories, images, and videos to inspire and surprise the true road warriors. Got something to add? Email us at

These True Stories From the Road Will Inspire

Business Travel can be lonely, exhausting, and frustrating, but occasionally we experience moments of beauty, or of human kindness, and it’s those moments that keep us going from one to the next.  Here are five of those true-life uplifting stories of women helping women on the road. Spontaneous Collaboration While walking through LAX recently, writer […]


This is What You Can Travel Without

There are the necessities, and the things you can do without. If you’re not sure which is which while packing for business travel, consider this: If you think you might need it, your probably don’t.  Here are some items you can consider ditching to lighten your load (and leave a little more room for trinkets […]


Constipation Diaries

Anne Stetler works as a neuroscientist. Like many Janes on the go, Anne can’t. Go, that is.  A chronic constipated traveler, Anne actually felt relieved when she contracted food poisoning on a trip to Syria because it meant she could clear out her colon. While the subject is, shall we say, somewhat indelicate, it is […]


You’ll Want to Frequent These Exclusive Clubs for Women

Harassment is everywhere, and we’ve all been there. We’ll be sitting at a bar, trying to sip our wine and have a conversation with our friend or a group of friends. Whether it’s a girl’s night out or just some one-on-one time with a bestie, there is an inevitable distraction or actual interruption of that […]


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