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20 million women can’t be wrong. Here, some products, destinations and experiences we have found helpful on the road. Have a recommendation to share with the road warrior sisterhood? Tell us at

You Need to Pack These Face Masks for Your Next Business Trip

Remember learning that Chinese takeout containers were designed to be plates? Or when you realized you were using paper ketchup containers at fast food places all wrong? You still don’t know this? We’ll save that for later.  Anyway, we experienced the same feeling learning about what has come to be known as  “K-Beauty”. Korean beauty […]


10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Female Business Traveler

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that Executive Platinum lady in your life who travels for business every week, look no further!  We have Jane Verified gifts, ranging from romantic to practical, which your traveling Valentine is sure to appreciate.   Compression Socks – We know, these sound more like a […]


Cases, Containers and Creams, Oh My! How to Travel-Size Your Business Travel

If you travel, you know that packing toiletries can be the worst. First off, how do you get your favorite shampoo to flow into that tiny travel-sized bottle without making a mess? After googling said favorite shampoo in travel-size and not coming up with anything, what are your options? Option 1: Go with whatever travel-sized […]


Best On-the-Road Spas

Here’s the thing: Spas — good ones — are usually destinations in themselves. You get on a plane and the spa is where you end up. Not a business meeting or a stuffy hotel room with bad wifi. The goal of this article will be to point you in the right direction in terms of […]


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