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20 million women can’t be wrong. Here, some products, destinations and experiences we have found helpful on the road. Have a recommendation to share with the road warrior sisterhood? Tell us at

What Every Nursing Business Traveler Needs to Know

It was one of those swampy-hot, late summer mornings, but I wouldn’t have known it from my cushioned seat inside the gloriously air-conditioned ballroom of the Philadelphia Marriott. Relieved just to finally be there on my first real business trip at my first real conference, I was still a little jittery, what with all the […]


The Best Shoes for Women Who Travel for Business

Admit it, you know what song we’re talking about. (And you know who sang it, too.) Only thing is, we’re not looking for patent leather, white gogo boots to wear to work — or anywhere else, for that matter. What we want, what we have always wanted, are shoes we can wear to work that won’t […]


Every Woman Needs What This Woman Designed

Neda Shilian Goes It Alone (and Wants to Conquer the World) Interview by Kate Nichols   Neda Shilian, founder of Panty Fresh, which she bills as the “world’s smallest 4-in-1 complete feminine hygiene solution for women on the go,” is a force of positivity and determination. Over 18 months, she brought an idea to life […]


5 Movies to Download for Your Next Flight

We all use our time at 30,000 feet differently, but for those who want to relax and unwind, finding a good in-flight movie can be a challenge. With 12 channels — five sports-related, three for kids, two for the Real Housewives, and one for the news, we need a few back-up movies downloaded on our […]


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