Cases, Containers and Creams, Oh My! How to Travel-Size Your Business Travel

If you travel, you know that packing toiletries can be the worst.

First off, how do you get your favorite shampoo to flow into that tiny travel-sized bottle without making a mess? After googling said favorite shampoo in travel-size and not coming up with anything, what are your options? Option 1: Go with whatever travel-sized shampoo is available (heck, you’ll only be gone a week at most — hopefully) or option 2: Get your hands on some sort of mini funnel and transfer the shampoo (or whatever the product) that way. There must be an easier way: and there is. Read on, road warriors. We are about to make things a bit easier. Or at least, provide you with options other than the ones mentioned above.

Travel-sized Containers

If you MUST bring your Frederic Fekkai with you, you MUST have bottles that are sturdy and don’t leak. The not leaking part is crucial. Who wants a bag full of conditioner? Here are some of our favorite leak-free, travel-sized containers for all your favorite prods:

Humangear GoToob comes in three packs and are color-coded so you can decipher which liquid is which. These airplane carry-on approved bottles have a handy flip-cap and a no-drip valve that keeps the liquids secure and in the containers, not all over your purse or carry-on.

HAL Travel Silicone Cosmetic Containers come in packs of 6 and can be used not just for thick creams and/or salves, but for things like pills or other small items, like stud earrings. With a hard, sealed lid, nothing’s gonna escape this baby.

-If you really fear the leakage, try BPA-free plastic jars instead. Juvitus makes a pack of six that come with spatulas to help you with the transfer when you’re packing.

-For funneling that Fekkai, Utosmile makes a travel kit that includes a mini funnel, spatula, and a variety of FDA and TSA approved bottles and jars to hold every tiny dollop of cream or conditioner you can’t leave behind.

TSA Approved Cases

If you want to go low budget (and low hassle), get a quart-sized Ziploc and you’ll be fine. Glossier also makes travel-sized ziploc-type bags (but they are pink and padded, and free with your purchase of any product line (1 or 2). If you’re looking for a bit of a sturdier, heavier option, try the Keokee Clear Toiletry Bag Set, which features actual zippers (talk about sturdy) as well as a smaller bag within the bag (to hold smaller items, of course). The case doesn’t include bottles, but will accommodate several 3.4 oz bottles and then some. For those of us who feel better following the rules, this is the case for you.

If you simply have too many toiletries to count and can’t minimize your stash, you’ll probably be checking a bag with said toiletries inside. For these instances, look no further than Nordstrom, where you can find cases to fit every mood and whim. Ted Baker for romance (it has a unicorn on it, folks), Longchamps for elegant minimalism, this is your one stop shop.

Travel-Sized Products

And here, we have reached the holy grail for both product junkies and lazy (well, one-step-prone) folks. For those of you who love to shop sephora/ulta/and all other department store beauty supplies online, this is the solution for you. What amazing and miraculous products can you find in travel-size containers?! The thrill of the search is almost as good as the bounty.

Here are (a few) of our personal faves:

Have you heard of the Japanese brand Tatcha? Its products are sourced from the secrets of the geishas. Even if the products themselves weren’t effective (but they are-especially for dry skin), the claim alone is romantic enough for us. It’s pretty amazing stuff. (We’ve tried it.) The brand is most famous for its Rice Enzyme Powder, which comes in gentle (for dry skin), deep (for oily/combination skin), and soothing (for sensitive skin) formulas. Though the powder doesn’t come in travel size, there is a travel-sized cleansing and moisturizing duo that will refresh and plump up your airplane air-ravaged skin in seconds.

If you’re shooting for the stars moisture-wise, look no further than the La Mer Creme de la Mer mini. Yes, it’s a bit above average price-wise. But a little goes a long way. (We’ve tried this, too, but it ate our paycheck, so we save it for special occasions.) Again, there is nothing your skin won’t love after a plane ride more than a good dollop of moisturizer slathered on your face.

If you’re more on the oily side, and the thought of slathering your face with La Mer cream is making you break out, check out this Sunday Riley cleanse and refine kit. Called Flash Fix, we took it on our last trip (about two weeks ago) and still have some to spare. It includes a ceramic slip face wash (good to clear out pores) and one of our personal favorite products, Good Genes, the lactic acid cream that’s quickly gaining cult status in the beauty world. (Even Vogue says so.)

For makeup, try the mini Nars Creamy Concealer and Two Faced Better than Sex mascara. Mini lip liners and sticks are easy to find, and rollerball fragrances are everywhere. The cult Child perfume is a favorite, as well as Le Labo’s Santal 33 liquid balm (if you’re looking for a muskier, après-work scent).

Here’s the thing: You’re beautiful anywhere and everywhere, but traveling takes it out of you, big-time.

Dull, tired and stressed skin and hotel hair dryers tend to make us feel, well, not our best. With these travel-friendly items, you can be as beautiful as you wanna be, no matter how arduous or long the journey.

Journey On, Janes!


Cases, Containers and Creams, Oh My! How to Travel-Size Your Business Trip
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Cases, Containers and Creams, Oh My! How to Travel-Size Your Business Trip
Packing for business travel usually involves getting those tiny TSA approved bottles lined up to fit your favorite skin and hair care products, and it's always messy. Here are some TSA approved bottles that actually work, and a selection of some top-of-the-line products in a convenient travel size!
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