5 Books You Need to Read as a Female Business Traveler

Looking for a few new books for your night stand or Kindle?  These Jane Verified books are five of our favorites, for business and for life!

The Power of Habit – As accomplished female business travelers, we are hard wired for habit.  What this book helps illustrate is that building habits, particularly good habits for things with which we struggle, can make our success as women in business easier to achieve.  It also helps us understand the power of bad habits, recognizing the cues that trigger those, and how to redirect that energy into building a good habit.

Read this book if you need a different take on your life, business or otherwise, and if you want to dive into some of the psychology behind why you do what you do!


The Wisdom of Forgiveness – This is a must read for everyone. We all have people we struggle to forgive in our lives, and as women, often it can be our own faults we struggle to forgive, but the energy we expend harboring negative feelings is energy we are not using to our advantage.  This book beautifully articulates, through interviews with the Dalai Lama, how using positive thought and positive intention can help pave a path to forgiveness and open up bandwidth you didn’t know you had.  As women in business we need our bandwidth to be helping us, not holding us back!

Read this book if you feel a stagnancy in your life, personally or professionally, and use it to look at how you spend your energy. 


The First 90 Days – Don’t be deterred by the title.  This book is meant for someone new to a position, but much can be learned from this quick read regardless of your longevity in a role.  From starting a job at a new company, to moving up in your current company, most of us can relate to knowing we need to succeed quickly, and wondering if and how we can do it.  This book focuses on the first 90 days of a new role and outlines some easy to digest steps to take in order to set yourself up for success.

Read this book if you are six months or less in a role or if you have a new responsibility in a current role.


The Tipping Point – On the surface this is a book applicable for brands. Yes, it is a great read for anyone in marketing or sales.  But what we love about this book is how it can apply to so many aspects of life and business.  It breaks tipping points into a series of steps, a build that you can learn to see coming, and if you are aware enough, you can create a plan for capitalizing on your foresight.  This can be applied to organizational development, organizational culture, customer relations, etc.

Read this book if you manage a team in any capacity, create a product or service for a niche group or if you want to understand how brands can predict the next “big thing.”


Where the Sidewalk Ends – The book of silly poems for kids?  Yes that one.  As women traveling for business we often forget to relax.  We forget to be anything but “on” from seat 2C to Boardroom 5D.  Our brains are always 10 steps ahead and hyper-focused on whatever challenges we face.  This book gives us the chance to remember what it was like to be a kid!  It gives our left brain a break from all the serious budget math and organizational politics, and lets our right brain steer for a bit.  You don’t have to read it cover to cover, download it for your Kindle and read a poem from time to time.

Read this book if you’re feeling burnt out, stifled creatively or overwhelmed with the seriousness of your job. 


Journey On, Janes!

Best Reading List for the Female Business Traveler
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Best Reading List for the Female Business Traveler
Need a few book recommendations for your night stand? Try one or two of our favorites. These books are great reads for business and for life!
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  • Shel Silverstein. Best. Kid. Book. Ever. Where I probably got my first glimpse of dark humor:) Love that it made this list.


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