Best Monday Morning Playlist for #TravelingWhileFemale

Top 10 Songs For your next Business Trip

Let’s face it ladies, there are some songs you need and some you definitely need on the road. Here are our ten must-haves for every playlist!

“I Would Walk 500 Miles” By The Proclaimers

Ah, yes, the tale of a woman who Googled the wrong Market Street. Yeah, there’s the restaurant, the street… and neither one is wherever the heck I am, which is in some soaked Choos in a place I’d never choose. When I wake up, yeah you know I wanna be I wanna be after my 11:30…


“Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony

I have the freedom that everyone else wishes they had. I get to see an actual skyline, not the one ironically attached to my cubicle next to a Simpsons quote. And I don’t just work remotely, where I never see people and have no idea what a true coffee discussion is, where you both are fun but at the base a little, “is this over yet or…?” and “Please let this taste like mocha.” You beautiful, dazzling hybrid, you.

“Late In The Evening” by Paul Simon

Yeah, it’s after five. Yeah, you’re still going. Guess what, so’s this rockin’ tempo as you ride away in the rental car to see the client as it reminds you a) ain’t no shame in the Spotify game and b) can’t hold me back, no radio presets. I got this, and this 80’s track encapsulates my spirit of discovery, my sense of adventure and – much like me – only gets better over time. Yasss, Paul, Yassssssss.



“Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy

If you’ve ever made a call where it starts out, “Dude, I’m coming back to NY for a meeting. I know! I’m back, baby,” then this is the song you need.

Welcome to your one woman version of “Cheers,” because everyone knows your name.

Also, your dirty little secrets, but before those come out, away you’ll fly! Deus ex machina, baby! It’s like a dog sitting city: best of times and you bolt before you have to deal with the real. Live it up, then Irish exit like your middle name’s Killarney! Bam!


“Hello There” by Dillon Francis ft. Yung Pinch




“Dancin’ On My Own” by Robyn

Forgot about this gem? We didn’t. Life is crazy. Sometimes you find yourself alone in Tempe on Tuesday. But drink some water – make it bubbly, ‘cause you deserve it, Fabulous! – and remind yourself that being alone in this city means you can take your time eyeing that lapis lazuli laden lobby display. You’re on YOU time now, and whoa – looks like it’s about dance o’ clock.




“Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder

Did you hear that Lily Tomlin won’t fly when Mercury is in retrograde?

It may be just a rumor, but she’s a total boss, and if a legend like that can have her moments of insecurity yet keep on keepin’ on, it puts it all in perspective. We all have our travel worries – what happens if we miss the train? What if this plane goes down? What if the iPhone dies? Breathe. You will only be here now once. Breathe. #ugotthis


“Swish Swish” By Katy Perry

If I get on this plane, this real plane, I’m gonna have to do it. The real thing. Gulp. Nervous before you go in for a meeting that you flew over the largest part of Texas to attend? Dump those Dallas downers and pump this up, girlfriend.

‘Cause they don’t fly failures across the country. They fly best bets – and guess who that? You that.

Get ready to up your winning tally. ‘Cause this is about to be another one in the basket. Swish, swish this.


“Smokin’ In The Boys Room” by Brownsville Station

This one makes me rock out in my seat. It also makes me smile in my feet when I’m in the airplane bathroom and see the leftovers from the 70s, those non smoking placards. And, much like any person who hasn’t burst into flame, I’m glad they’re still there, guarding us, and saying, hey, smoky no bueno. Bonus: it reminds me of how awesome I feel when I get outta here and become that rarest of unicorns, the woman in my Tuesday tech talk. Which brings me to…





“Can’t Stop The Feelin’ By Justin Timberlake

I’ve had my luggage lost. I missed the connection in Denver. I literally ran in my heels to catch the train. I haven’t eaten more than a squished, wafer-thin Lara bar I found at the bottom of this bag that I’m now referring to as my Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But, you know what? I’m a boss Bridge. I’m living my dream. I’m on my way and I’m not giving up. Sorry, setbacks. Can’t stop the feelin’!

Journey On, Janes!



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