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How to Manage a Surprise Visit from Your Period at 30,000 feet.

Picture it: a middle school cafeteria, 1986.  You get your period in gym class. You weren’t prepared, and you have no pad. You feebly attempt to stave off the flow by wadding up as much toilet paper as humanly possible. At least you hid the stains by tying a sweater around your waist, since that […]


This Meal Journal Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

When we travel for business, we always start the week with the best intentions when it comes to how we feed ourselves.  By the end of the week, we’re lucky if we make it home without cleaning the Hudson News out of Sour Patch Kids. Day One   Promises to myself: I will triumph. I […]


Do You Suffer from the Effects of Internalized Sexism?

On this International Day of Women, we ask ourselves and our readers; Do you think of yourself as a cheerleader or champion of other women? As an enlightened, 21st century woman, surely your answer is “Duh, of course I am!” A quick quiz:  Have you ever witnessed a female friend saying or doing something bold, […]


You Need to Pack These Face Masks for Your Next Business Trip

Remember learning that Chinese takeout containers were designed to be plates? Or when you realized you were using paper ketchup containers at fast food places all wrong? You still don’t know this? We’ll save that for later.  Anyway, we experienced the same feeling learning about what has come to be known as  “K-Beauty”. Korean beauty […]


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