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You Need to Pack These Face Masks for Your Next Business Trip

Remember learning that Chinese takeout containers were designed to be plates? Or when you realized you were using paper ketchup containers at fast food places all wrong? You still don’t know this? We’ll save that for later.  Anyway, we experienced the same feeling learning about what has come to be known as  “K-Beauty”. Korean beauty […]


Is Segregation of Genders the Only Way to Provide Safe Business Travel for Women?

How does all the amazing momentum for women’s issues  (#MeToo, Women’s March, etc) translate to the world of business travel?  Naturally, that’s what we’re wondering here at Go Jane Go.  We try not to let our minds replay the tape of the Trump accuser talking about how he groped her from his seat in first class. […]


Top Tips for Managing the Routine of Business Travel

“The less of routine, the more of life.” —Amos Bronson Alcott Poppycock!  Pshaw!, perhaps. At Go Jane Go, we know that most road warriors will likely balk at this maxim. If we lack a routine, we can’t be efficient, and isn’t efficiency pretty much everything when it concerns business travel?   Waking up early to […]


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