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Why Taking Care of Yourself on the Road and at Home is Important

Say you’ve got a stressful job (if you have a job at all, this is probably the case). Say you have young kids at home. Say you’re struggling with seasonal affective disorder, depression, or anxiety. Say you are the primary breadwinner for the family, but also the sous chef and housemaid. Say none of these […]


5 Books You Need to Read as a Female Business Traveler

Looking for a few new books for your night stand or Kindle?  These Jane Verified books are five of our favorites, for business and for life! The Power of Habit – As accomplished female business travelers, we are hard wired for habit.  What this book helps illustrate is that building habits, particularly good habits for […]


Upside Travel is Jane-Verified!

Go Jane Go offers content and community for female business travelers.  As you might imagine, we use a lot of travel tools when we’re on the road.  Some are functional, some are fun.  But it’s the rare tool or experience that’s functional AND fun.  Meet Upside. Could be the color purple.  Could be the name […]


These Gyms Will Make You Want to Work Out on the Road

So we’ve talked about the slim gym pickin’s one often gets fed while on the road for business. Dank, damp-smelling hotel or motel gyms with a sad looking, rickety treadmill in the corner, and maybe a few free weights lining the one wall. And that’s it. That’s what you get. For people who either need […]


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