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How Working With All Men Saved Me From Embarrassment

Do you know the children’s book “Everybody Poops” by Taro Gome?  It’s really popular and kids crack up when they hear the title.  Well, here’s my contribution to the fun — I have poo issues when I travel. Go ahead, laugh.  But if you’re a female business traveler like me, I know you’ve been there. […]


Dear NYT Travel Show – Meet Jane, the Lucrative Female Business Traveler

Go Jane Go attended the NY Times Travel show this weekend with the goal of meeting some fellow companies and press that focus on the female business traveler (FBT). The show itself was beautiful and well-organized into unique sections: Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Caribbean, USA, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, LGBT, Adventure, Cruising, Family, and Travel […]


Life Lesson #623 – Never Apologize For Being Human

“I know, let’s play 18 holes in the cold and rain!” said no woman, ever. Yet, that’s what I found myself doing on a recent Monday morning with my senior management and a customer.   Me, three middle-aged men, and a cooler full of beer.   Did I mention that it was freezing and raining? […]


Relocation and its Impact on the Advancement of Women in Business

At a recent meeting, I was one of three women in the room (out of 28), and at the break we talked about how in the last three months we were each approached for a promotion.  But the promotion involved relocating hundreds or thousands of miles away. We all turned down the offers because we […]


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