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This is Why Danielle Kayembe Knows the Future is Female – An Interview

I recently had the good fortune to interview Danielle Kayembe, author, entrepreneur, speaker and champion of the “Future is Female” movement.  After reading her articles,  “The Silent Rise of the Female Driven Economy” in Refinery 29 and “Why Products Designed by Women are the Next Big Thing” in Forbes, I LinkedIn stalked her for a […]


Every Woman Needs What This Woman Designed

Neda Shilian Goes It Alone (and Wants to Conquer the World) Interview by Kate Nichols   Neda Shilian, founder of Panty Fresh, which she bills as the “world’s smallest 4-in-1 complete feminine hygiene solution for women on the go,” is a force of positivity and determination. Over 18 months, she brought an idea to life […]


When I Stopped Apologizing for Loving my Job

I think by now most of you know I travel a lot for work.  I average four days a week on the road, which means I’m home less than I’m gone.  I recently spoke with a woman I admire about how much we both travel for work. She’s several levels above me professionally, and I […]


How Working With All Men Saved Me From Embarrassment

Do you know the children’s book “Everybody Poops” by Taro Gome?  It’s really popular and kids crack up when they hear the title.  Well, here’s my contribution to the fun — I have poo issues when I travel. Go ahead, laugh.  But if you’re a female business traveler like me, I know you’ve been there. […]


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