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The Best Tips for Traveling While Vegan

Eating well away from home can be a challenge.  But it’s so much harder when you’re a vegan. The good news is that technology and increased awareness have made it somewhat easier. Courtney Weikle-Mills, a Pitt literature professor and a vegan, said, “The struggle now is to find something interesting versus not being able to […]


Constipation Diaries

Anne Stetler works as a neuroscientist. Like many Janes on the go, Anne can’t. Go, that is.  A chronic constipated traveler, Anne actually felt relieved when she contracted food poisoning on a trip to Syria because it meant she could clear out her colon. While the subject is, shall we say, somewhat indelicate, it is […]


How to Keep Your Pet Safe When You Travel for Business

One blustery day in December, I took a walk with Michelle McGraw and Otis, a golden retriever puppy whose mom was away on business. Michelle is a professional dog walker, owner of McGraw’s Paws LLC. I often see her circling my block with one to four large dogs. As I fell into step beside her, […]


Business Travel Haircuts Don’t Have to be Scary

There’s trusting an unknown pizza shop in a foreign city…and then there’s trusting a total stranger to cut and style your hair while you’re in between appointments. It’s hard to climb in that salon chair, with no idea how you’ll look when you leave. Some female business travelers are horrified at the idea of taking […]


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