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How to Keep Your Pet Safe When You Travel for Business

One blustery day in December, I took a walk with Michelle McGraw and Otis, a golden retriever puppy whose mom was away on business. Michelle is a professional dog walker, owner of McGraw’s Paws LLC. I often see her circling my block with one to four large dogs. As I fell into step beside her, […]


Business Travel Haircuts Don’t Have to be Scary

There’s trusting an unknown pizza shop in a foreign city‚Ķand then there’s trusting a total stranger to cut and style your hair while you’re in between appointments. It’s hard to climb in that salon chair, with no idea how you’ll look when you leave. Some female business travelers are horrified at the idea of taking […]


4% of Pilots are Women, and other fun facts shared by a modern “Lady Pilot”

Hello from the Flight Deck: An Interview with First Officer Stacy Chapman Stacy Chapman has been flying planes since 2002, where I met her at Penn State University. She began her career in the US Air Force and now flies a 737 for a major commercial airline. Chapman also works for the Wyoming Air National […]


5 Ways to Avoid a Breakdown when Buying a Home Remotely

“What’s that over your shoulder? Is that a credenza?” My realtor spun around so the other half of the basement was on the screen. I was unavoidably detained the night before we closed on a house, and I had to do the final walk through over video chat. I never thought I’d be making a […]


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