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6 Ways to Avoid Talking to Your Seat-Mate

Before  my most recent airplane trip, I couldn’t wait to sink into the anonymity and quiet of my own head space. And I had the good fortune of getting just what I needed. One flight even had an empty middle seat between me and a man who slept the entire  way. Ah, the bliss! Somewhere […]


How do You Travel with the Comforts of Home?

I often have to pee about 4,000 times before I head to the airport. OK, I exaggerate. But certainly more than usual. It’s one of the clear signals that I’m anxious. Look, I love to travel — experiencing new parts of the world, sampling and savoring different food and drink, delighting in how adaptable I […]


Let Travel Be Travel

One of my least favorite things is  sitting in a cramped airplane seat with the dude in front of me reclined to the max, the woman behind me kicking like it’s a horse she wants to giddyup (why?), and the guy next to me, legs wide like he is riding a horse, manspreading into my […]


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