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Airport shopping … please help me.

When you’re working full time and raising two children, some things fall through the cracks. For me, it’s shopping and packing. I used to be a whiz at both. Now, I’m master of neither.


What is the deal with airport bathrooms?

While we don’t need scented candles and slimming mirrors, we DO need deep stalls and soap dispensers that work. We need doors that open OUT and that do not have a 3 inch gap allowing curious eyes to gaze at our squat. We need cup holders for our lattes and shelves on which we can place our shoulder bags, we need to avoid that questionable liquid on the floor (urine or dropped water bottle?)


My unconsummated affair with airport massage spas

I need to stop doing this to myself and stick with my ridiculously expensive mediocre martini in an uncomfortable tallboy chair and just wait out my layover like everyone else. Essie, work on a shade called “Missed Connections,” I’ll buy it in bulk.


An introduction to Go Jane Go

Let’s be honest, business travel sucks, especially if you’re a woman.


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