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The Best Margaritas You Can Find on the Fly

Here at Go Jane Go we are excited to remind you, weary traveler, that Thursday is National Margarita Day!  No bueno, you say, because you’re stuck at the airport and nowhere near a Tex Mex or something equivalent? Fear not.  We did some research.  Salud!   Killing time in Houston’s Hobby Airport? You’re in luck. […]


How Does Your Favorite US Presidents Do Business Travel?

It’s President’s Day, so what better way to acknowledge some of the 45 men who’ve lead this country, than to imagine them as business travelers?  We took a stab at a few.  What kind of business traveler would your favorite President have been? Bill Clinton and JFK who see business travel as ripe with “opportunity”  are […]


Do YOU Have Business Travel Re-Entry Syndrome?

Business travel re-entry syndrome happens to the best of us. Let me explain.  Before leaving for my four-day trip I was melancholy, even a little weepy, at leaving my two young children.  The burden of packing and planning for my absence was a huge weight.  And, as always, I even pondered the future of my […]



Know what you do when you’re a woman at your gate about to board a flight and you realize you didn’t pack underwear?   You don’t do ANYTHING.  Because you can’t buy women’s underwear in most airports. But, sure. we have Brooks Brothers, where men can grab a new tie or golf shirt for all […]


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