There are 20 million women who travel for business each year in the US. Globally that number is as many as 100 million. We’re the FBTs – Female Business Travelers and we know what it’s like #TravelingWhileFemale.

We were astonished there was not a place for us to meet and share our stories, our victories and defeats, our advice and experience. So here’s a digital home for all of us road warriors.

We promise to entertain you, to give you information and resources to make your business travel safer, more enjoyable, and less isolating. Our team has hundreds of thousands of miles on our roller bags and with that comes a lot of experience, good and bad and a lot of spilled lattes, missed flights and broken heels. We know you know how it is.

    • If you travel 10 times a year or 10 times a month, welcome.
    • If you fly business class or look classy doing business, welcome.
    • If the red eye makes you a crazy person, welcome.
    • If you miss your kids and partners when you’re on the road, welcome.
    • If you love business travel because you can’t wait for a break from you partner and kids, welcome.
    • If you do your best thinking at 30,000 feet, welcome.

You’re a rock star. And we’re talking to you.

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