A road warrior chuckles to herself…

3:28pm //  Back Porch, Home

I don’t get this vantage point often, my back porch on a Monday evening sipping wine.  I have six days stretching ahead of me with no airplanes.  My husband keeps asking me when I’m leaving; not out of malice, out of habit. For as often as he guilt trips me for leaving on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, I realize that my leaving affords him freedom from me.  

He gets to eat Frosted Flakes in his undies while watching ESPN on the couch, and not have me cringe as he leaves his milky spoon on the armrest.  

He gets to leave a week’s worth of dishes in the sink without my asking if the dishwasher is broken.

He gets our pillow-topped king size bed all to himself.

It must be hard being married to me, what with my travel schedule and demanding wo… HA, I can’t even complete that thought.

Another glass of wine?  Why yes, I think so.

Journey on, Janes. ?

(by the way – Happy Thanksgiving week, Janes!!  May your business travel be light, and your plate of turkey heavy.)

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