5 Best Apps for Fitness on the Fly


This is a personal trainer wherever you are.  Can’t get much better than that!  Need advice on nutrition? Fitocracy.  Landed at LAX at midnight and wired from seven hours of cross country travel?  Fitocracy.  There is a FREE version, which appeals to those of us more fickle in the fitness arts, and there is a FEE’d version for those of us looking for more tailored consultation. Android and iPhone compatible.





Walking Dead Fan? Yeah, we thought so.  This app is for anyone bored with running, or bored with the living.  With more than 1 Million users, you can compete with others based on how quickly you out-run the Living Dead, or motivate yourself with missions of your own creation.  Also works on treadmills!





Similar to Fitocracy, minus the nutritional consultations, this app grants users access to thousands of workout routines for any hotel gym, or hotel room.  No need for weights, a treadmill or even a yoga mat.  The training can be tailored to you, if you’re willing to pay the $3.99/month fee, but we recommend trying it for a few weeks before you commit.  No one likes to be disappointed, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll forget to cancel your membership every month until you see that cash leave your PayPal account.




Not a fan of working out solo? Then this app is for you!  You can find “packs” for a group environment to eliminate the loneliness of solo workouts.  This largely Tabata based workout app also has an altruistic aspect in that it helps to support Kids in the Game.  It also has access to universal challenges and can help you train your way to things like “30 Day Squat Challenge” or “Spin to Win Challenge”.






This is a completely different kind of fitness, but equally as important as physical fitness.  The benefit of this app is in the name, as its sole focus is to help you manage your mental well-being whenever you need a boost.  As they say “How you feel matters!” and as we all know, business travel can be incredibly challenging, so we love this app for its focus on mindfulness.






Journey On, Janes!

Do you have a favorite app you use to stay in shape while traveling for business? Tell us about it and we will test it out, send any recommendation to stories@gojanegoapp.com

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5 Best Apps for Fitness on the Fly
Looking to stay fit when you travel for work? Check out these five apps we love for fitness on the fly.
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