This is How to Buy a Wedding Dress on Business Travel

The day has finally arrived. Today is the day you will begin wedding dress shopping, and it’s going to be amazing!  Then you realize you woke up in a hotel room, because you’re on your 20th business trip for the year, so shopping for that dress is going to include shopping online and in whatever boutique you can find locally.

We’ve compiled a list of on-line resources and boutiques in some of the most business-traveled cities for you to use.

Online Options:

The Knot: This all-in-one wedding site is for women who want to git ‘er done, like, today. The site offers filters based on body type, silhouette, neckline, designer, fabric, dress length, waist style, price, and more, making the choices easy, simple, and quick. For example, let’s say you want an A-line dress. You’re in luck, because, as The Knot tells you when you hover over the A-Line picture, it’s a shape that is perfect for all body types. Who knew? This site is ideal for brides who don’t have a lot of extra time to visit boutiques or shop till she drops. The site also has a plethora of other wedding resources, including a selection of wedding/engagement rings, an online planner, an ideas and advice section, and much, much more.


BHLDN: Home to Anthropologie’s wedding gown selection, this site has a special place in its heart for the boho bride as well as the unconventional one. One of their search filters features ‘bridal separates’ which is a look that’s having a major moment right now. Check out the Clarice top and Marissa skirt — when paired together, looks like something Audrey Hepburn would wear to her wedding (we know, her actual wedding dress was short). There is also an option to make an appointment at one of the BHLDN stores, which are located all over the country. If you can’t get to a store or trunk show, you have the option of contacting a stylist online for advice. They also have a lingerie and shoes/accessories section.


Etsy: Beware, brides-to-be: You could easily get lost on this site if you don’t know just what you want. On the flip side, there are a multitude of wedding dresses that are unlike any other. Think the opposite of David’s Bridal. Lavender hued gowns, handmade lace gowns, art-deco gowns — Etsy has them all — and then some! If you want something that no one else will ever have, this is your wedding dress resource. The prices vary quite widely, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of them.


However, if online shopping gives you the heebie jeebies (what if it doesn’t fit right? What if the color isn’t the same as the picture? What if, (ad nauseum)? You’re probably among the last of the store shoppers. Especially when it comes to something as important as this. Head to your local boutique to get some hands on advice from a qualified salesperson, to actually feel the material of the dress, and of course, to try it on in front of a huge mirror. Be warned that boutiques usually offer a bit higher price point.


Luna Boutique, Pittsburgh


Mark Ingram Atelier, NYC


The Dress Theory, Nashville/Seattle/San Diego


Little White Dress, Denver


Loho Bride, LA/San Francisco


We’ve shortened this section because really, everyone will be looking at the bride. However, we did get a few tips from Esquire as to suiting for your special day:

  1. It doesn’t have to be boring. Be thoughtful when picking a suit, and for heaven’s sake, keep in mind that fit is (almost) everything.
  2. It doesn’t have to be a tux. In other words, tuxes are fine if it’s a formal wedding, but anything else requires only a sense of style and originality, as well as your own tastes and preferences.
  3. Try some statement shoes or socks. Again, depending on the formal-o-meter of the occasion, you could wear a pair of Chucks and no one would blink an eye. In fact, a wedding where all the groomsmen and the groom coordinated the colors of their Converse would rule the school. Have fun with this — and remember that it’s your day, too!
  4. Everything does not have to be matchy matchy. In fact, playing with groupings of the same color scheme is very much in fashion right now. Don’t try and match your accessories to the flower arrangements — that’s an old-time (and by old-time, we mean ‘80s) trend that we just don’t need to adhere to anymore.
  5. Dress for comfort. If you’re having a summer wedding, make sure your suit is neither heavy nor black, but perhaps seersucker, or linen.

No matter which dress (or suit!) you end up choosing, it should reflect your own personal sense of style, and it should make you feel amazing. After all, that’s what the day and the experience is all about, right? Setting off into an amazing new life with your ‘person’. Who, by the by, should also make you feel amazing — so relax and enjoy every minute of your preparation, because, just like marriage, there will be some hiccups along the way.

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