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5 Movies to Download for Your Next Flight

We all use our time at 30,000 feet differently, but for those who want to relax and unwind, finding a good in-flight movie can be a challenge. With 12 channels — five sports-related, three for kids, two for the Real Housewives, and one for the news, we need a few back-up movies downloaded on our […]


How to Keep Your Pet Safe When You Travel for Business

One blustery day in December, I took a walk with Michelle McGraw and Otis, a golden retriever puppy whose mom was away on business. Michelle is a professional dog walker, owner of McGraw’s Paws LLC. I often see her circling my block with one to four large dogs. As I fell into step beside her, […]


How to Make Time for Your Family as a Frequent Flier

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Who said that? I mean, we all could use some space from our spouse and our kids for a bit, just to give us time to miss them. Rejuvenate, recharge, re-energize. But when it’s taken to a certain level, absence only seems to cause distance (and we […]


You Need to Pack These Face Masks for Your Next Business Trip

Remember learning that Chinese takeout containers were designed to be plates? Or when you realized you were using paper ketchup containers at fast food places all wrong? You still don’t know this? We’ll save that for later.  Anyway, we experienced the same feeling learning about what has come to be known as  “K-Beauty”. Korean beauty […]


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