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5 Real Ways to Beat Business Travel Burnout (from a funny gal who knows)

When I first started my career as a Developer Evangelist, I was warned by multiple people about the dangers of business travel burnout. As someone who only recently started traveling for work, this seemed impossible to me. Traveling for work? Getting paid to visit other cities? Ummmm… bring on the burnout! From the perspective of […]


I found the Walgreens! And they have SANDWICHES!

When I travel I often feel as if I am in a food desert.  I’m at the airport for the first flights out and most of the restaurants and cafes are not yet open, which I’m pretty sure falls under cruel and unusual punishment since that also means I’m not getting any coffee for that 5am […]


The random joys of solo business travel

Our team writes a lot about how soul-crushing biz travel can be.

But we’ve traveled enough to be able to throw in some great experiences we never would have had were it not for the fact that we were traveling alone. Here are a few of mine…


When an Empty Refrigerator can Lead to Homicide

On the plane home I was dreaming of a cold fresh fruit salad with a side of plain yogurt or maybe a crispy salad topped with rotisserie chicken, and it is the demoralizing cherry on top when I realize that I don’t even have half and half for my coffee in the morning.


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