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Stowing overhead baggage instills fear…

What is it about the narrow aisle and the distance from floor to ceiling that eliminates all sense of grace and capability? I’ve seen finely dressed women in 3-inch heels fall to their knees attempting to muscle up their suitcases, I’ve seen passengers give the little old lady a dirty look as she tries to get her bag into the compartment and inadvertently drops it on the head of an unsuspecting spectator, and sometimes I’ve seen gentlemen emerge, put their uncertainty aside and offer to help a gal such as myself.


Hello, Clarice

Headlines of “Woman Found Smothered with Bosu Ball in Chelsea Gym” circulate in my head. I get officially creeped out and decide the laws of probability prevent me from dodging that particular bullet again. Maybe hotel room yoga is the way to go.


Me Too – Sexual Harassment On the Road

“Me too.” It’s the biggest reason we founded Go Jane Go. Because it was every time, all the time. Because no one was talking about it when it impacted life on the road during business travel. I was groped at a tradeshow.  Kate was cornered in an empty hotel elevator.  Sanj was followed at an […]


That magic moment…

You got all the way up here with no problem, and you’re exhausted and have to pee, which generally means the key card in your travel-germy hand is not going to work. You will insert it into the door every which way, first gingerly and gradually harder until finally you gently and with resignation rest your head on the door and let out a nice long F_______K.


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